I've been meaning to do this for ages. I've created a few Space Marine painting tutorials for a lot of chapters and I thought it would be awesome to create a post that puts all the links in one place. Need help for you new Primaris models? This is the place. For me it will be really useful because I use my own tutorials as paint recipes so I'm definitely bookmarking this post! All the links and close ups after the jump.

Here's the first WIP shot of the Foetid Float-Drone. Wow, what were they thinking when they came up with that name? Is it some kind of pun that's lost on me? 

Anyway, what a nice model. I like the Nurgle drones a lot. The painting scheme will be along the lines of the Death Guard. There's a lot of flesh showing (in the back), which is always fun. So yeah, I got the recipe down at this point and I hope I get this model done quickly.

The second batch of my Devastator Squad is done - the three models in the front row. All of them were older paint jobs I've reworked. I also changed the Sergeant's armament, adding a Storm Bolter and a pointing hand. The symbol on his knee comes from the Dark Imperium transfer sheet - there are a lot of useful designs that are useful for regular Marines, too. Next up are the three models in the back. These are older paint jobs as well, you can see how the new paint jobs compare to the old ones. I also added a new torso, a new pair of legs and some modern style back packs. Only four models (including the three you see in the picture) to finish the squad, so stay tuned!

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