Long-time readers might remember this Marine. He was part of a Starter paint set that my wife Jo and I reviewed back in April 2012. I stumbled upon him the other day and I thought it wouldn't take much to bring that old paint job in line with my current Dark Angel army. All I had to do was repaint the armour, eyes and base. Took about an hour in total and gives me that small burst of that feel good feeling of hobby achievement. I know Stahly is undertaking a mammoth repaint of his Ultramarines, but how about you? Would you consider repainting and updating your old miniatures? Tell me in the comments .

News just in; Garfy's Get-a-Grip model holders are back in stock. Get yours here

Hey everyone, this is a request for help. Progress on my three Stormcast models from Shadespire have come to an abrupt halt. I'm posting this in the attempt to kickstart this project again. So, to help me, post your best motivational techniques or advice in the comments, or just plain right shame me into finishing these :)

Protecting your precious paint jobs is important. Even with just a moderate amount of handling, paint rubs off the edges easily. Thus, varnishing is essential. It's surprising that it took Games Workshop so long to come up with a successor for their Purity Seal spray varnish.  Munitorum Varnish is supposed to have "a semi-matt or satin finish that is very much like the natural sheen of the paint itself" - let's see whether it lives up to its promise.

Hello everyone, it's been an age since I've posted here. I hope everyone has had a good start to the year as we move forward into 2018. With that I'm also starting a new Nighthaunt army for the new Malign Portent campaign as well as a doubles tournament coming up at my local Games Workshop store. The first unit I'd like to share are these three spirit hosts.

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